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I’m Hena Chowdhury, the woman behind I.H Lifestyle. Growing up I have always loved and admired the colourful, handmade stitched bedsheet covers and tablecloths my mum used for our house back home. Upon decorating my first house in England, I realised I couldn’t find the same décor my mother used to dress our home in. I discovered there was a niche in the market for those wanting that exotic, South Asian interior design or what some may describe as Bohemian.
When I went to visit my home country and I realised what was missing, it was authentic Bangladeshi homeware. So, I started selling my products to my close friends and family and I realised I could share my products with you guys. I want to create a space for where tradition meets interior design.
I.H lifestyle's products are built in Bangladesh using traditional methods and materials such as colourful, handmade stitching and stalls woven with local bamboo. A unique design to bring to you a new outlook on homeware. Also, the products you will be purchasing will have 10% of its profit dedicated to the women whom we  empower through the following development projects:
We have also recently been featured in the accredited homewares magazine Good Housekeeping. 
good housekeeping
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